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"I saw that my life was a vast, glowing, empty page and I could do anything I wanted." -Jack Keroac

    Wired: Nike’s New App Shows Designers What Materials Are Most Sustainable →

    I glanced at this a week or so ago, but another article came into my inbox this morning on Digiday, proving that Nike has come up with an awesome digital marketing strategy. It seems the athletic apparel giant has come up with a cool new app that helps apparel designers figure out what fabrics and textiles will be most environmentally friendly and sustainable. It seems their “Making” app is targeting a very small demographic (eco-conscious designers), but perhaps slapping Nike’s name on it will 1) help improve Nike’s soiled sweatshop-using reputation and 2) spread the idea of sustainability across the athletic and non-athletic apparel fields alike. After all, if a giant like Nike is doing it, why shouldn’t a small-time designer? Very cool idea to use their great (and surely very expensive) database for good.

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    Mashable: Heineken Asks Travelers at JFK to Drop Everything, Fly to Mysterious Location →

    This is pretty cool.

    Mashable posted an article yesterday about Heineken’s unique marketing stunt at JFK, which challenges airport visitors to abandon their travel plans, press a button and commit to whatever random destination shows up on the board— all in effort to increase their global presence.

    Awesome idea, and a fantasy of many (including myself), to show up at an airport, close your eyes, and pick a random destination. It would be killer if they kept doing this and got a couple of people to blog about their experience… Maybe someone unemployed… who enjoys blogging… and beer… Wonder where they could find someone like that…

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    Meredith Fineman, CEO of FinePoint digital PR, loved our list of little-known apps that entrepreneurs can’t live without, but she noticed that no female founders were interviewed. So she made a few calls and now we have a list little-known apps that some amazing female entrepreneurs love:

    • Tina Wells, author and CEO of Buzz Marketing, loves blog curating app Bloglovin.
    • Leandra Medine, creator of fashion site Man Repeller, loves Definer, which she describes as a ‘mobile urban dictionary.’
    • Rachal Sklar, writer and social entrepreneur and creator of The, is a big fan of HelloFax.

    Here are 8 more little-known apps that entrepreneurs can’t live with out.

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    AdAge: Captain Morgan Starts Targeting Ads At Foursquare Check-Ins →

    Pretty smart ad placement for Diageo and Captain Morgan, but it will be interesting to see how Foursquare users react. Foursquare ads are usually pretty easy to scan over, but having to click through a page might irk some regular users. I don’t hate it though, I think it’s an awesome idea and actually useful to indecisive bar patrons.

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    #adage  #advertising  #captain morgan  #foursquare Cancer-stricken girl's plea yields pizza bonanza →

    LOVE this. My friend Annie, who shares my penchant for all things bread, cheese and delicious, sent the story to me via 

    Reddit users rallied around a picture posted on the board, which was taken outside of a children’s hospital. Check out the article to read more, but it just reminds me of what a cool thing social media is, and all of the capabilities it has just to make one person’s day a little bit better.

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A dog rests on a couch in a store in Texas, 1992.Photograph by Bruce Dale, National Geographic


    A dog rests on a couch in a store in Texas, 1992.Photograph by Bruce Dale, National Geographic

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    Digiday: How JetBlue Deals with Social Media Whiners →

    This is an interesting part of customer service and brand building that I had never thought about: remaining consistent if a customer has a problem. I read a book by Likeable CEO Dave Kerpen on social media marketing earlier this summer, which basically outlined how important it is to create relationships with consumers via social media. Often what happens is consumers get on Facebook or Twitter, and complain about bad experiences. It’s the company’s job (or the company they hire to monitor their social networks) to respond to these complaints and hopefully resolve them to turn the customer from a detractor to an advocate of the brand and the service they provide.

    This article on Digiday shows examples from two airlines, JetBlue and Delta, and what they do to resolve negative customer experiences. Both are interesting ideas to weigh against each other as both a customer and as a student of social media and marketing. Which is better: rewarding the customer who had a bad experience (but needing to maintain consistency), or changing a policy so that these problems don’t come up again?

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    Huffington Post: How To Stop People From Snooping On You With Facebook's Graph Search →

    Well, I’ve been out of town for over a week and was mostly off of my computer, so I had no idea this was happening. Apparently, Facebook has taken greater steps to connect friends of friends of friends with each other based on mutual interests, which means more people have access to your information. This Huffington Post article details how to make sure your privacy settings are still in place after the graph function has been applied to all users.

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    Times Square through the Years

    From Top to bottom: 1900, 1919, 1940~, 1953, 1960~, 1973, 1982, 1990~

    Thank you @themarkcrawford for the idea

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